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Otra Vez

SIERRA NEVADA OTRA VEZ Brand Narrative, Films

Partnering with the great people at Sierra Nevada Brewing, we conceived and crafted a set of films for the launch of their new offering Otra Vez, made with agave, salt and grapefruit.  The beer (and the work) is an anthem to odd bedfellows, inspired by California's unrelenting collision of disparate flavors, folks, sights and sounds. There's a dog too. 


plains of yonder horse
plains of yonder otra vez
plains of yonder cowboy
plains of yonder campfire
plains of yonder coyote
plains of yonder otra

Creative Directors: Katrina Crawford & Mark Bashore /  Director, Edit, Sound Design: Mark Bashore / Director of Photography Trevor Fife / Director of Photography, Liquids and Food Dan McComb / Live Action Producer Eugene Mazzola  /  Executive Producer: Jennifer Senkler / Audio Engineer: Eric Johnson / Music: Biggot