BMW Unscripted 

A series of short films dedicated to extraordinary human-to-machine relationships. Shot around the globe, each story story keyed on a universal human desire: Escape, Wander, Be within Nature, Move Fast, Fall in Love.  By centering the stories on universal human traits, the stories took on a genuinely human tone, moving well beyond expected brand content, representing a rare achievement for a brand focused on engineering.  

The pieces were created with small two man teams (director and dp) and were made as legitimate documentaries, with no preparation or scripting of subjects.

Client: BMW   Agency: GSD&M. Creative Directors  Jeff Maki, Robert Lin / Head of Creative Live action Director, Writer, Editor: Mark Bashore /  Live Action Directors: Georgia & Luca: Mark Bashore / Murray: Mark Bashore &  Matt Mulder / Grant: Brad Abrahams  / Sabine: Shawn Fedorchuk / Tiffany: Matt Mulder / DP's Trevor Fife, Morgan Henry  / Head of Creative: Mark Bashore / Head of Production: Sarah Shipley / Editors: Mark Bashore, Shawn Fedorchuk, Slavka Keuhn