BMW Unscripted 

A series of short films dedicated to extraordinary human-to-machine relationships. Shot around the globe, each story story keyed on a universal human desire: Escape, Wander, Be within Nature, Move Fast, Fall in Love.  By centering the stories on universal human traits, the stories took on a genuinely human tone, moving well beyond expected brand content, representing a rare achievement for a brand focused on engineering.  

The pieces were created with small two man teams (director and dp) and were made as legitimate documentaries, with no preparation or scripting of subjects. 

Mark Bashore: Head of Creative, overall project. Live action Director, Writer, Editor. 

Live Action Directors:   Georgia & Luca: Mark Bashore Murray: Mark Bashore &  Matt Mulder Grant: Brad Abrahams  Sabine: Shawn Fedorchuk Tiffany: Matt Mulder

DP's Trevor Fife, Morgan Henry Head of Production: Sarah Shipley Editors: Mark Bashore, Shawn Fedorchuk, Slavka Keuhn

Client: BMW   Agency: GSD&M. Creative Directors  Jeff Maki, Robert Lin